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Moving Maniacs - The Ultimate in Moving Services
We’re Crazy-About Moving!!!! We must be MANIACS to love moving others. Moving Maniacs specializes in Senior Transition Services but we offer so much more! Everything from getting your home ready for the market through our sister company the Frugal Decorator to complete moving services no one else offers through a moving service.
Let us save you money on your move! We have relationships with local and national movers and can negotiate special discounts for you when using our services. Most customers save 20% to 40% on their moving company alone by working through Moving Maniacs.
We are a complete moving service and the only one of its kind available. You can go from point A to point B and we do everything in between, we can build you a custom package or only those services needed. This can include everything from sorting, purging and organizing your home, to standard moving forms we have created for your service companies like, pool, yard and maid services, utility cut off forms, release forms for veterinarians, schools or just notification forms for final billing. We handle packing, unpacking and even decorating. We will even show you how to have an effective garage sale if you need it. Our experts can handle most any moving need.

Let’s face it moving sucks but it doesn’t have to. Moving should be fun and exciting not stressful and scary. We are organizational specialists that handle Corporate moves both single executive and executive family moves, Senior Transition moves, or we can assist you with the Estate Disposal of both home and contents after the loss of a loved one. Moving Maniacs is the only full service moving-specialties company in the national market handling a range of needs from updating the home at either your current or new location, to unpacking, organizing and decorating. We are dedicated to making your move easy and successful.

You may navigate our site easily by clicking on the Moving Maniacs List of Specialties tab for a quick overview or our Menu Of Services for a more in depth look at each service.

Moving Maniacs goal is to reduce your stress, make your move more organized and efficient as well as work within your moving budget. We want you to arrive at your new home relaxed and excited to be there. With our custom Homing In Package, we can provide you with all the information you need to make you feel like you have lived there for years.

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