My Frugal Decorator - Company Message
Going Green?
The Frugal Decorator is concerned about both the environment and the health of my clients. Many people cannot tolerate fumes, odors and the gassing off created by many products on the market today.

My goal is to work with those clients on sourcing products that are from sustainable growth, have low to no VOC's, many are formaldehyde free with limited gas off that create better indoor air quality.

Working for customers with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder, I take things slow one area at a time, introducing new products over time while still being able to create a beautiful and warm space. I have created a Green Source Book that allows me to find what I need for each client.

Using naturally made furnishings, hemps, cottons and sustainable growth products allows me to build a healthy environment for my clients. By using stone, metal, glass and antiques that have already gassed off we can create an abundance of styles and colors to work into your new room.

Although green decorating is harder to do on a small budget, it is possible to go slowly and contain costs as much as possible.